The time gamers have been waiting for has come: Sony’s PlayStation 5 just launched.  That being said, not everyone’s been lucky enough to snag a pre-order, and launch day consoles of these next-gen systems are rumored to be in limited supply. This means that while the PS5 and Xbox Series X are likely to top many wish lists of gamers young and old, they’re less likely to make their way under the tree come Christmas morning. All of this begs the question: what can you give gamers instead?

Thankfully, there’s no dearth of alternative gaming consoles available this year, with many promising options getting released in late 2020 or early 2021. Some of the options on this list are heavy on nostalgia; however, even younger gamers may appreciate gaining more perspective about the storied histories of developers like Nintendo, Namco, Sony, and Atari. Read on to learn about ten of the most appealing alternatives to the PS5 and Xbox.