JK Simmons' Commissioner Gordon Will Be Insanely Ripped in the 'Justice League' Film

Yes, the 61-year-old guy from 'Whiplash' is more ripped than you. J.K. Simmons making the young generation jealous by staying dedicated to his workout routine.

Commissioner Gordon is an important part of the Batman world, but he’s usually just a guy on the sidelines sorting things out while Batman does the actual bad-guy-punching

He's previously just been played by old guys.Older Gentleman Answering A Phone Call


Police And Oldman Looking Above

​When Gary Oldman played him in the Dark Knight films, he did make him a bit tougher.Gordon From Dark Knight Film

And Ben McKenzie's young Gordon isn't shy about punching guys out in 'Gotham'.Gotham TV Show Cover

In the new Justice League film however, which is the follow-up toBatman V Superman, Gordon is played by J.K. Simmons, who you might recognise from Oz and the 00s Spider-Man films.

His trainer just posted a photo of Simmons in the gym getting ready for the film, and he looks crazy.

Yes, the 61 year old guy from 'Whiplash' is more ripped than you.


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