Watch a 13 Year Old Ashley Walters Star in 'Grange Hill' in 1997

Before 'Top Boy'. Before 'Bullet Boy'. Before So Solid Crew.

Before Top Boy, before Bullet Boy, before So Solid Crew, Ashley Walters was a child actor. He told us about it when we spoke to him last month, and his biggest gig was appearing in CBBC’s long running school drama Grange Hill back in the late 90s.

We’ve managed to dig up some footage of Walters in the show. In this episode, he and sister have a party while their parents are away, and of course, it kicks off, with the cops even coming round after they receive a noise complaint (Grange Hill stories were pretty hardcore, yo). He also has time to sneak upstairs and get off with a girl. Walters appeared in series 20 of the show in 1997, meaning he would have been about 13 or 14 when they were filmed.

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