The third season of HBO’s Succession arrived with a handful of weighty expectations. With much more attention placed upon it than in previous installments, the Jesse Armstrong-created show fully established itself as the show of the moment, captivating the Internet in a manner typically reserved for Game of Thrones. Despite claims the series lost its fastball, the last stretch of the season absolutely delivered, cementing its status as the best show of the year.

With the (Italian) sun having set on the show’s finale, “All the Bells Say,” we’re taking a look back at the episodes of Season 3 and pitting them against one another, Boar on the Floor style, to determine the winner. After all, a bit of healthy competition is certainly in the spirit of the show’s corporate jockeying, backstabbing, and various highs and lows. Here’s our look at the best of Succession Season 3, ranked from best (there’s no such thing as a bad episode of this show) to most best.

[Ed note: This post contains mad Succession Season 3 spoilers. Proceed with caution.]