Trans Activist Who Called Out Rose McGowan Says She Would Do it Again

Trans Activist Andi Dier says she'd confront Rose McGowan again "but better."

rose mcgowan

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rose mcgowan


Rose McGowan got in a shouting match with a trans activist during a book signing for her memoir, Brave, at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square earlier this week. At the event, the activist, Andi Dier, asked McGowan about controversial comments she made about trans people on RuPaul’s What’s The Tee? podcast and challenged her to speak out about violence against trans people. But it wasn't long before the two were screaming over each other.

The Daily Beast caught up with Dier, who told them that if she had the choice, she would do it all over again, "but better." Dier also said that she would have liked to tell McGowan that their fears of being "followed home" aren't that different except for one major thing. "I would have told her that when she’s followed home, what she’s afraid of is being sexually assaulted," said Dier. "Well, I’m afraid of being sexually assaulted followed by being murdered."

Dier accused McGowan of being transphobic as well and claimed that McGowan's reactions were likely because of that. "Her trauma was caused by men," said Dier. "And I feel personally that maybe she has a traumatic response because she really does see us as men."

As for McGowan, she's since called Dier "a paid plant" placed by her alleged assaulterHarvey Weinstein and announced that she's canceling the rest of her public appearances.

"I know my life, and I know my reality," McGowan said in a conversation with Ronan Farrow at another Barnes & Nobles, the next night. "I know that people like me get killed. [Weinstein has] been after me for a lot longer. There was a plant last night. I had my first book reading, something I’d only seen in movies, by the way. There was definitely a paid plant that started screaming at me, yelling at me."

Read the full Daily Beast piece here.

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