Marlon Wayans Says He Would've Been Stuck Washing the Batmobile If He'd Played Robin in 1995

Marlon Wayans almost played Batman's famed sidekick, Robin, in 'Batman Forever.'

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Batman Forevercould have been a much different film if Marlon Wayans got to portray the hero's famed sidekick, Robin.

While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Wayans said that Tim Burton originally cast him to play Robin and explained why it was probably a good idea that it never happened.

"It was back before black excellence," he says towards the middle of the clip. "Black Panther, he's strong. That brother is on point. You know, Robin, I don't think they would have did me like that." Wayans went on to explain that he'd be "Batman's black sidekick" who would be washing the Batmobile instead of getting out of sticky situations.


Robin was supposed to make his debut in Batman Forever but character introductions got too crowded and the powers that be deemed it best to intro Robin next time around.

But by the time Batman & Robin started filming, it had a new director, Joel Schumacher, and he recast Wayans for Chris O'Donnell. (Which means, we never got to see Burton's costume designs for Robin come to life). However, the 45-year-old comedian has a theory on why it happened.

"It's okay, I get why," he said. "I thought about it and I was like I know why they did it. Cause you can't have a Robin have a bigger codpiece than Batman." Shots fired!

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