Jeffrey Wright Jokes His ‘Westworld’ Character Bernard Is Based on a Reddit User

Jeffrey Wright has to keep a lot of secrets close to heart about 'Westworld.' But his character, Bernard, is still getting clued in what's happening in the park, making him just like the conspiracy theorists on Reddit.

The wheels are always spinning for Jeffrey Wright's Westworld character, the park's programming director Bernard Lowe. Between the false memories implanted in his head, the revelation that he's a host a.k.a. a robot, and the host revolution going on in the park, Lowe seems to always be two steps ahead and behind at the same time. But just like Reddit users, he's always looking for clues to discover what's coming next with detailed levels of conspiracy theories.

"That’s what I try to emulate, you know? That’s who my character is based on: a Reddit user," said Wright during the New York’s Split Screens Festival, according to Uproxx. He later added that Lowe is "trying to feel his way toward his survival."

The fact that Lowe is a host was one of the many major reveals in Westworld's first season. It turns out it was a quite a revelation for Wright as well when executive producer Lisa Joy gave him the news. 

"'Okay, what I want to tell you—okay, so it’s written—okay, so your character—it’s complicated. Uhh, okay. You’re not—you’re a host.'" he recalls her saying after HBO picked up the series. "It was exciting because it added so much obvious new dimension to what we were able to do. And I held it close to my vest because they asked me to," he added.

As for season two, he hasn't been as privy to the twists and turns happening in Westworld...or Shogun World.

"They wanted to keep me in the dark. [But] in the first four weeks of this season, I shot scenes from about seven or eight different episodes, so I got clued in," he said. "I had these little bits and pieces, and I had these little breadcrumbs, and then I get the first script and I go, 'Oh, okay.'"

Reddit users always get it eventually.

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