Jimmi Simpson's Westworld character, William, was at the center of a major season 1 twist. Now, the actor is confirming, denying, and leaving room for interpretation on Twitter users' conspiracy theories about the HBO show.

"Peter Abernathy contains the consciousness of James Delos that was trapped there by William which is why he malfunctioned when he saw the photograph of his daughter in season one and also the reason he was selected as the host to be delivered to the company," goes one theory Simpson read for Elle. The Black Mirror/House of Cards actor didn't offer any details on whether it was right. He simply said: "Abernathy is so essential to the series that it’s going to blow a mind."

Another theorist believes the Delos executives are up to more devious things. "The execs are turning humans into host," it reads. "They're mapping behavior and patterns to translate that data into hosts in an attempt to sell immortality. Why pay for the experience when you can be it?" Simpson confirmed it's "not true," but says "it should be," before asking if the writers can take note of the idea.

One got it right though. "The lake is the valley beyond," it read. "We've seen those YUGE cranes before in season 1, when Ford threatens Theresa in episode 104." Someone is paying attention and it paid off. Simpson says the theory is "correct."


Then it just got downright silly. One fan questioned if William and Liam McPoyle, Simpson's character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, are actually the same person. Simpson went with it. "Liam McPoyle is actually Dolores," he said of another character in Westworld. "You guessed it too soon and now everything's blown and you've ruined the series of Westworld. Dang it."

Another wondered if the hosts would open up a Fantasy World leading to the set of Game of Thrones, thus creating the "HBO Cinematic Universe." Simpson's into it.