White Supremacist Comes Out of Retirement to Start Whites-Only Town in North Dakota Named After Donald Trump

Craig Cobb wants to name his town either Trump Creativity or Creativity Trump, neither of which make any sense.

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The Creativity Movement, once known as the Church of the Creator, was founded by former Florida (thanks again, guys) state legislator Ben Klassen in 1973 as another organization full of white supremacists pretending to be important. Among the group's predictable tenets, aside from their unfortunate bastardization of the word "creativity," is the assertion that "white genes are our greatest treasure and we should safeguard our gene pool zealously." According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the faction is generally viewed as a "self-styled religious organization" and extremist group.

Creativity Movement devotee Craig Cobb, perhaps best known for his failed attempt at establishing a whites-only town in Leith, North Dakota, is thrusting white supremacist ridiculousness back into headlines this week with yet another attempt at establishing a racist living space. However, his revised plans for a 2015 version of his failed Leith project includes a sadly unsurprising homage to Republican presidential hopeful (!) Donald Trump.

Potentially dubbed Creativity Trump or Trump Creativity, as both a nod to the increasingly unfunny presidential candidate and the aforementioned Creativity Movement, Cobb's racist commune has its eyes set on Antler, North Dakota.According to the Daily Dot, Antler has countered Cobb's attempts at buying up local property by repeatedly outbidding him, to the current tune of $35,000. However, the ironically 14 percent sub-Saharan African white supremacist is currently showing no signs of slowing down in his quest toward establishing an all-white town in the surely-sick-of-dealing-with-this-idiot North Dakota.

For context on just how increasingly dangerous the Trump rhetoric truly is, here's an actual quote from (the now reinvigorated) Cobb, via SPLC:

“Rosa Parks was a shitskin communist. I’m here to celebrate her death.”


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