Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

For some, it’s merely the biggest opportunity of the year to flood everyone’s timelines with can’t-scroll-past-it-fast-enough batches of too-syrupy PDA; for others, Valentine’s Day represents the ideal scenario to remind the world of the importance of truly loving yourself before you even attempt to bring someone else into the fold. (No joke: Loving yourself, though not necessarily the easiest feat, is arguably the real key to achieving even a modicum of happiness in this life).

Wherever you fall on that scale, it’s hard to avoid Valentine’s Day rumblings outright, especially on social media. This year’s edition, for example, brought with it some cleverly censored nudes of note that were quick to spawn numerous (expected) headlines. Perhaps just as expectedly, SZA’s “Kill Bill” also made a timely appearance.

Thankfully, the 2023 version of Feb. 14 also boasted a number of somewhat adjacent, certainly applause-worthy alternative reasons one could choose to celebrate. For starters, a new on-demand male birth control option was the subject of new research data showing its viability in mice. This is very good news.

Valentine’s Day 2023 also stands as the launch date for Caroline Polachek’s decidedly excellent new album Desire, I Want to Turn Into You. This is also very good news.

But for now, we’re focusing on how a number of celebrities chose to commemorate the day, both on social media and within the walls of a tattoo parlor. See more below.