Twitter Takes Another Page From Facebook by Testing Non-Chronological Timelines, World Asks Why

No. Just no.

Twitter Banner Draped Over New York Stock Exchange

How's it going, Twitter? Are you feeling okay? Do you need to take a nap? Maybe visit a doctor? A quick Twitter search of the phrase "non-chronological" shows that the 140-character juggernaut is apparently testing yet another Facebookish feature and, predictably, virtually no one is pleased:

Though many (so many) people have expressed it far more eloquently, the main sentiment here is: Why?

Why would Twitter, whose championing of the immediacy of breaking news and the growing need for global discourse, test a new feature that seemingly risks undermining the platform's greatest strengths? A Twitter spokesperson, speaking via email to Motherboard's Rachel Pick, dubs these timeline-out-of-order shenanigans as an "experiment" aimed at promoting "the best content for people using Twitter."

After Twitter's previous moves of general DM anarchy and a swift funeral service for Favorites, society is left to ponder the very distinct possibility that Facebook might very well have infiltrated everything we cherish. If you're into self-torture, you can peep how this "experiment" sabotages the timeline below:


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