'True Detective' Looks Good Again in Season 3 Trailer

'True Detective' may be back to its glory days.

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True Detective, a once-great series that experienced one of the biggest fall-offs in television history between seasons 1 and 2, looks like it will actually be able to reclaim its former glory with the next installment.

Above, catch the new trailer for the third season of the HBO series, this time starring Mahershala Ali. Stephen Dorff, Ray Fisher, Carmen Ejogo, Jodie Balfour, and Rhys Wakefield round out the cast. For the first time, series creator Nic Pizzolatto will contribute to directing duties. Jeremy Saulnier and Daniel Sackheim will direct the bulk of the new episodes.

On shooting the new season in Arkansas, Pizzolatto touted "the mystery" of the woods and how the location serves as crucial to the characters' respective journeys. "The fog over the mountains. The rivers. The water," he told Arkansas Online earlier this year. "The sense of scale when you get out to some of this nature. Also, what the buildings say about the lives behind them. I feel like people will see it as an extension of character, something that embodies characters' emotional journeys while influencing those journeys."

At one point during that extended bit of time in which no one was certain if True Detective would ever return, McConaughey was out and about publicly stumping for involvement in season 3. "I've talked to the creator Nic Pizzolatto who's taking a little break from it," he said in 2016. "But again, if that thing was written well and it came up again, I wouldn't hesitate for a second."

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