Travis Scott Featured in New Trailer for Harmony Korine’s 'AGGRO DR1FT'

The film comes from EDGLRD, Korine's multifaceted and near-indescribable design collective.

Video via EDGLRD

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Video via EDGLRD

A new trailer for Harmony Korine's AGGRO DR1FT has been released ahead of the infrared-shot film's screening at the Crazy Girls strip club in Los Angeles.

The film features Travis Scott and is billed by the EDGLRD team as "breaking away from the traditional parameters of cinema," an approach that's readily apparent in this trailer.

“The old world is no more,” we’re told in the opening seconds of the trailer. “No more truths.”

The Crazy Girls screenings are set for Feb. 7 and Feb. 8. These aren't mere screenings in the traditional sense, however, and are instead slated to feature performances by Araabmuzik and accompanying visuals from EDGLRD. Following the back-to-back nights in Los Angeles, EDGLRD will be taking the screening experience to additional locations across the U.S. Each location, per press notes, will be built around “backdrops that reflect the film’s virtual milieu.”

Fans will recall the film previously screened out of competition at the 2023 Venice International Film Festival, while its Toronto International Film Festival premiere marked the first time it was screened in North America. Also in 2023, Korine’s Spring Breakers, featuring Gucci Mane, commemorate its 10th anniversary with a limited-edition Online Ceramics collection.

AGGRO DR1FT was shot entirely in infrared and focuses on a hitman known as “the world’s greatest assassin” in Miami. Jordi Mollà also stars. The rollout follows Scott's own Circus Maximus theatrical experience, which saw Korine among the filmmakers enlisted to bring Utopia to life.

More recently, Korine was honored with the Pardo d’onore distinction at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland for his decades of groundbreaking work, starting with his debut as a screenwriter with Larry Clark’s Kids in 1995. During an accompanying interview, Korine, who's not often one for looking back, spoke about how he's long been working toward a style of filmmaking wherein movies become "a kind of sensory experience."

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Video via Locarno Film Festival

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