Man Cheats, Gets Flame D*ck

Cheaters never prosper, but they often end up with their most prized bodily possessions ablaze.

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For as long as history has been recorded, otherwise pertinent members of society colloquially known as "trash men" have proceeded to mislead their respective significant others with regards to their sexual exclusivity, which is to say: people cheat and people get caught. The consequences, of course, have become increasingly well-documented in the Internet Age. However, the latest entry in the Vigilante Relationship Justice canon takes the cake (a cake made of shattered dreams).

The guy above, reclining peacefully in what appears to be a bed wisely stacked with roughly 18 fluffy pillows, awakens to the harsh light of bustedness in a way likely not conceivable until he experienced it firsthand firstd*ck. Instead of confronting him with screengrabbed text messages or simply giving all his Apple devices a permanent bath, this determinedly scorned individual chose to, with great ceremony, light his f:)cking d:)ck on fire:

Hopefully, the two have resolved their differences and will live a long and fruitful life together. When they're deep in their eighties, perhaps they'll tell their grandchildren about the time Grandpa cheated and Grandma lit his philandering member (and subsequently their relationship) on fire.


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