Girlfriend's Mom Comes Home Tragically Early, Sad Boyfriend Hides Under Bed and Snapchats the Struggle

This one is a tearjerker. Tragic man goes on artful Snapchat journey after hiding under girlfriend's bed.

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When tragedy strikes, the modern individual's immediate response is to take the proverbial tears to social media. Whether informing one's soon-to-be-ex girlfriend about the rampant STDs afflicting your philandering brother or simply drawing dicks of boredom over the faces of police officers, Snapchat would appear to be the new leading platform for documenting the emotional ups and downs of this ridiculous farce called life.

The unidentified man pictured above, upon experiencing a grueling case of motherus interruptus, decided to hit the Snaps to let the emotions run wild and free. According to esteemed literary journal BroBible, when his girlfriend's mom came home from work earlier than expected, he was forced to seek shelter under her bed for what appears to be an extended period of time:

Though attempting to hold a conversation with wood would appear to be the most dire element of this tragedy, something far more unsettling is afoot:

As with all Snapchat-documented tragedies, it's perhaps best to simply sleep on it:


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