Idle hands are the devil's workshop. 

Jordan Barrack, 20, was a witness to a fight at a bar in Lincoln, England, last summer. He was taken in by police for questioning, and quickly got bored. So, while he was lounging, he took out his phone and snapped a picture of police constable Charles Harris, who was waiting to question him. He drew some penises on the picture and sent it out through Snapchat and Facebook—innocent enough, right? Officers somehow found out about the picture, and took his phone. They charged him with posting a "grossly offensive, obscene picture on a social media site."

Barrack pleased guilty last week, and now has to pay an $800 fine and do some community service. 

"He was writing things down, and I just sat there bored out of my head, so I got my phone out and thought I would be a bit cocky and did it," Barrack said. 

Now he'll finally be able to get his phone back after five months. At least he could play Flappy Bird instead of sending snaps.

[via Lincolnshire Echo]