Stephen Colbert Introduces Mainstream America to Indiana's First Church of Cannabis

Many religious scholars argue there is simply no better high than going to Heaven. These scholars do not smoke weed, presumably.

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For those understandably hesitant to just leap into a lifetime commitment to religion, maybe the First Church of Cannabis in Indianapolis, Indiana is more your speed. Their website provides a helpful overview of its general mission statement, which is about as weed-focused as you might expect, but really selling a new convert on the benefits of a potential congregation requires a bit more than just an admirable dot com presence. Thankfully, America's elected heroStephen Colbert has gracefully stepped in to offer, well, not exactly a full-on cosign but most certainly theLate Show version of the Colbert Report (RIP)'s "Colbert bump."

According to Colbert's assessment, the First Church of Cannabis was founded by "Keith Richards cosplayer" Bill Levin, a seemingly mild-mannered individual with a penchant for, presumably, starting churches. The church was reportedly established in an effort to "test the state’s new religious freedom restoration act, which offers protections against the government infringing on religious practices."

Though its inaugural service earlier this year apparently didn't actually involve any weed, this "Colbert bump" might be exactly what the weed gods needed.

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