Here's the 2-Minute Version of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' But With Legos

If you're still pissed about 'Last Jedi,' most experts would agree that you should obtain a life.

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Ignore the detractors, who have recently taken a break from their miserable existences to swarm the Amazon page for Star Wars: The Last Jedi with predictable negativity. Those people are lame. By any reasonable person's account, Rian Johnson's Last Jedi stands as one of the most exciting extensions of George Lucas' universe yet. Even at more than 150 minutes long, Johnson's film rushes by with numerous marked narrative improvements over J.J. Abrams' franchise-reigniting Force Awakens.

To celebrate Last Jedi's home release, Disney convinced a team of Lego masters to put together a handy two-minute catch-up video. You can see the results of that up top. Yes, there are spoilers. Yes, there is also at least one mention of "giant dog-camels." Carry on.

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Last Jediended its theatrical run with more than $600 million in domestic box office bucks. Coupled with its foreign haul, the film has bagged a handsome $1.3 billion. After this May's standalone Han Solo film starring Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover, all eyes will again return to Abrams as he closes out the new trilogy with the currently-still-untitled Episode IX.

Mark Hamill recently joked with reporters about putting in a "good word" with Abrams about somehow working Luke Skywalker into the Episode IX narrative. "If you can't have fun making a Star Wars movie, you have a serious problem," Hamill toldABC News. "I had a blast. Put in a good word for me because it's all in J.J.'s hands."

As for those aforementioned detractors' annoying hesitance to embrace Last Jedi, Johnson has already expertly schooled them on their attempts to trip him up with Force history.

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