‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Gets Yet Another Han Solo vs. Greedo Update on Disney+

True fans know that this isn't the first time the scene has been altered.


Image via Getty/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis


Ah, yes. Another era of Star Warsviewing, another update (seemingly) to the notorious Han Solo and Greedo scene from 1977's A New Hope.

Presumably, you've either given up the usual amount of personal info in exchange for a Disney+ subscription trial by now, and/or someone in your social circle has taken the proverbial bullet. At any rate, you've probably heard about the initial flurry of error messages caused by the large amounts of traffic one might expect from Disney's foray into the streaming content market.

Additionally, you might have heard about the Star Wars series The Mandalorian's well-kept secret of a revelation, signifying a compelling development we certainly won't spoil here. 

Instead, in news of the spoiler-free variety, it is with great confusion we must point out—by way of a handy Colliderspotting—that the aforementioned Han x Greedo scene from A New Hope has seemingly undergone another edit just in time for Disney+ streaming.

Longtime aficionados, of course, will note that this doesn't mark the first time the scene has been altered to add additional context (though said context's necessity is quite arguable) to Han's ultimate decision to shoot Greedo. 

At any rate, the Disney+ edition sees Greedo getting in some final words before the big shot, though it's not unanimously clear what, exactly, he's saying.

A previous scene edit—as fans surely know—saw franchise creator George Lucas adding a shot from Greedo, thus greatly complicating the already rigorous "Who shot first?" debate even further. According to The Verge, the newly spotted change was made by Lucas "prior to the Disney acquisition."

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