Of Course Stacey Dash Has a Problem With Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscars Speech

Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar-winning actor, has not responded to Dash's mini-essay.

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While everyone else was busy celebrating Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar in the streets with stuffed teddy bears, Stacey Dash was apparently busy prepping a very Stacey Dash mini-essay on why she wasn’t feeling his victory speech: climate change. Dash, who also had her own (noticeably bizarre) Oscars moment, has now taken her frequent Fox News’ co-signs to the max by suggesting we really shouldn’t be sweating this whole science thing.

"Before making a speech the world would hear, he should have double checked his facts," Dash wrote on Thursday. "There are people 10 miles from Leo starving, stuck on entitlement. Twenty first century NAZIS to deal with and North Koreans playing with nukes. He needs to get his priorities straight." Dash then quoted Reason, a libertarian magazine, in their retort to Leo’s commendable mention of the necessity of addressing this dire issue.

Adding that DiCaprio "reminds [her] of Chicken Little," a fictional bird, Dash likened DiCaprio’s passion for inspiring positive impact regarding climate change to a "foolish alarm." To ensure that DiCaprio at least took a glance at her frustrating mini-essay, Dash commended the Revenant star's performance in the very first paragraph and even tagged him in a tweet:

Don't be clueless. Learn more about how dire climate change really is right here.

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