'SNL' Writers Reveal How 'A Kanye Place' Came Together

The sketch is an instant classic.

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For one of their finest sketches in years, Saturday Night Live mined the silent terror of John Krasinski's runaway hit A Quiet Place to make some much-needed commentary on Kanye West's recent Twitter disappointments. The Oz Rodriguez-directed sketch, starring host and musical guest Donald Glover, has proven to be a massive YouTube hit with some serious legs. Now, producer Chris Voss and writers Sudi Green and Fran Gillespie are giving everyone a rare glimpse at how such a sketch comes together under SNL's notorious time constraints.

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As of Tuesday of last week, Green explained, the SNL writing team knew they wanted to do some sort of "a Kanye thing" for the episode. "Sudi was like 'It should be A Quiet Place and everybody's just, like, stop talking about Kanye,'" Gillespie said of the moment the idea came together. Immediately, writers pitched the idea to Glover, who was quite down.


Originally, the sketch was going to be a traditional live one. Writers, however, ultimately decided that achieving a truly Quiet Place-esque aesthetic would be more realistic if the bit was pre-recorded. For the shoot, which went down Friday, SNL even employed a few ASL translators who worked on the actual Quiet Place. "It's pretty awesome to see what was written on Wednesday basically come together in about 36 hours, which is kind of insane," Voss said.

Catch the full behind-the-scenes clip, which also includes cut jokes about J. Cole and dragon energy, up top.

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