Donald Glover is co-starring in the Star Wars spinoff, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and his guest spot on SNL gave him a chance to revisit his role as Lando Calrissian while serving a large helping of shade to the Star Wars franchise. Glover’s Calrissian character hosts the inaugural Intergalactic Summit for All Black Humans, which turns out to be four people. With all due respect to Billy Dee Williams, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Boyega, there appears to be an obvious critique on the lack of black characters featured in the Star Wars franchise.

“For a while I thought it was me—the only one,” Calrissian said. “But now I see before me, all the black humans in the galaxy.”

The camera then pans out to a lonely group of three characters comprised of Rogue One's Saw Gerrera (Kenan Thompson), Key Beeba (Leslie Jones), and Endeco (Chris Redd).

“I’ll say it: Turnout was a little low,” Calrissian adds.

The point is further hammered home by Jones’ Key Beeba character announcing that pretty much all of the summit’s activities have been canceled or relocated.

Inclusion issues aside, Williams, who originally took on the role of Lando Calrissian, gave Glover a nod of approval via Twitter.

“Feels good to pass on the light saber to such a handsome and talented Rebel ... and who was triumphant tonight on #SNL @Donald Glover,” Williams tweeted.