Sega Working on New Games for Classic Titles Like 'Crazy Taxi,' 'Streets of Rage,' and More

In a statement, Sega's CEO pointed to the recent boom in popularity of its 'Sonic' franchise as the inspiration behind this latest endeavor.

Video via SEGA

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Video via SEGA

Among the delightfully overwhelming amount of announcements and teasers rolled out during Thursday night’s Game Awards broadcast was word that Sega is readying new games for familiar titles from its back catalog of classics, Crazy Taxi and Streets of Rage among them.

In a statement issued after a trailer for the legacy franchise expansion debuted at the 2023 edition of the reliably massive event, Shuji Utsumi, Sega of America CEO, pointed to the recent boost in popularity of their Sonic the Hedgehog series (which is now responsible for two hit films at the box office) as the impetus for this latest move.

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“Building off that success, we are digging into our legacy and reimagining several franchises to bring these games to more audiences around the globe,” he said, adding that Thursday’s announcement is “just the start” of what’s ahead for Sega fans in the coming years.

Joining Crazy Taxi and Streets of Rage in this initiative are Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, and Shinobi. Early development footage of each title is included in the new trailer, which you can catch in full up top.

Sega has also launched a site for what it’s calling its “Next Level” campaign, inviting fans to sign up for future updates on these titles and more as the larger plan starts to take shape. For now, release dates and additional info have not been made public. 

Taking home the Game of the Year prize at this year's Game Awards was the Larian Studios RPG Baldur’s Gate 3. None other than Timothée Chalamet, a.k.a. ModdedController360, was recruited to reveal the night's top honor.

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