Samuel L. Jackson Jokes About Jonah Hill Being Ranked as Actor With Most Onscreen Profanity: 'That’s Some Bullsh*t'

Samuel L. Jackson joins Jimmy Fallon for a two-part interview that sees the 'Last Days of Ptolemy Grey' actor responding to some 2020 stats.

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Samuel L. Jackson has addressed an infamous onscreen profanity ranking of actors, joking on Wednesday’s Tonight Show that someone must have “miscounted” to come up with Jonah Hill in the top spot.

Around the 1:22 mark in the clip above, Jimmy Fallon pointed out the ranking—which made headlines back in 2020 and sees Hill and his Wolf of Wall Street collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio placing ahead of Jackson—and noted that the actor did indeed not take the No. 1 position.

“That’s some bullshit,” Jackson said lightheartedly of the Buzz Bingo survey. Amid his and Fallon’s back-and-forth joking about the ranking, the star of Apple TV+’s new The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey miniseries continued to express disbelief at the reported stats. 

“Jonah Hill. Really?” he said. “And then Leo. Jonah Hill, then Leo. I don’t believe that. Somebody has miscounted.”

From there, the two traded thoughts on how such a ranking would go if it were focused on specific sentence enhancers, with the inimitable “fuck” getting some indirect attention here. Jackson, of course, agreed with Fallon that—if the ranking had been word-specific—he would have won.

This prompted a fuck-focused recollection of Jackson having launched his first-ever tweet on Fallon’s Late Night more than a decade ago. That tweet, as fans will recall, read “Can-a mug fukkasay fuck on here?” Saying a playfully censored version of the 2011 tweet on Wednesday, Jackson said, instead, “Can monkey fighters say fighter on here?”

Elsewhere, Jackson responded to a number of rumors that have been spread about him online, including whether he actually beat Tiger Woods at golf one time and whether he owns more than 800 Kangol hats (“My wife got rid of about 500 of them”). See more up top.

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In another clip, Jackson talks the aforementioned Ptolemy Grey drama, which premieres on Apple TV+ this Friday. Below, see a trailer for the Walter Mosley adaptation, also starring Walton Goggins and Dominique Fishback.

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