Michael Jackson Reportedly Prank Called Russell Crowe For Three Years

Russell Crowe says that the King of Pop used to prank call him at hotels.

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Though Russell Crowe hinted at Michael Jackson's penchant for prank calls back in 2013, he recently opened up his vault a bit more for the Guardian. Currently on the promo circuit for The Water Diviner (which he directed), Crowe claims that MJ somehow found out the fake name he used for hotels and repeatedly used that to his comedic advantage.

Sadly, MJ's choice of puns left much to be desired. According to Crowe, the King of Pop was particularly fond of the Leave it to Beaver-era favorite wherein the prankster asks for both a Mr. and Mrs. Wall, then asks about walls more generally, before arriving gracefully at the punchline — "What's holding the roof up?"

Crowe was apparently less than enthused, notably adding that he had actually "never met him, never shook his hand," a hand which might very well have been wearing a shocking buzzer. For scientific purposes, we've theorized how one of these phone calls might have unfolded below.

*phone rings*

Russell, wearing a 30 Odd Foot of Grunts t-shirt: "Hello?"

MJ, snickering: "Is Mr. Wall there?"

Russell, standing: "WHO?"

MJ, still snickering: "Is Mrs. Wall there?"

Russell, pacing the room: "NO."

MJ, full-on laughing: "Are there any walls there?"

Russell: (sigh)

MJ: "What's holding the roof up?" *hangs up*

Russell: *throws phone*



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