Terrifying 'The Witch' Trailer Provides All the Scary Goats and Blood Milk You Could Possibly Need

Welcome to our nightmares, goats.

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2015 delivered a healthy dose of inarguably great movies, many of which are only just now receiving the recognition they deserve. However, if one were to exclusively seek out films based purely on their inclusion of terrifying goats and/or blood milk, grave disappoint would slowly engulf them until they stumbled upon Robert Eggers' Sundance favorite The Witch.

For the record, this goat may or may not be casually suggesting that someone in this clearly doomed household is getting a little too into the decidedly wicked side of life:


The Witchfollows the clearly hilarious and definitely not horrifying series of events kicked off by a colonial family's relocation to a less-than-stellar farm, meaning this is finally a film the whole fam can enjoy because it's about an actual family (and some scary goats). Thankfully, the movie drops on Feb. 9 which is definitely the perfect time of year to take everyone you love out for a jovial time at the local cineplex.

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