'The Price Is Right' Makes History With 3 Consecutive Dollar Spins and Internet Loses Its Sh*t

This back-to-back-to-back dollar spin miracle is just another reason why 'The Price Is Right' is the best game show out.

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You're goddamn right The Price Is Right is the greatest game show on TV. You down with Jeopardy? That's cool too, but not even storied host AlexSavage Trebek could top the raw power of The Price Is Right when Drew Carey and three lucky AF contestants make actual history and celebrate accordingly.

True Price Is Right heads will note that spinning a dollar on that big-ass wheel is pretty rare, let alone two contestants hitting the mark back-to-back. But three? That, like, never happens. Until, as Uproxxreports, it somehow does.

Monday saw the stoked trio of Cathryn, Manfred, and Jessica each land a buck on the wheel BACK TO BACK TO BACK. Three in a row! Holy shit. Even Carey seemed kinda shook by the whole thing, which is pretty impressive considering he's presumably seen damn near everything at this point in his post-Drew Carey Show career.

To clarify, these Price Is Right contestants managed to cop a buck on the wheel BACK:



Kinda creeped out by the sheer improbability of this shit? Join the rest of the world:

Anything is possible.

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