Paul Rudd's 'Hot Ones' Episode Inspires Highly Relatable 'Look at Us' Meme

Hot sauce and wholesome memes. What more could you ask for?

Few things bring as much consistent fulfillment in this life as hot sauce and memes, so it's always a pleasant surprise when the two join together for a campaign of joy.

The latest example revolves around the latest Hot Ones episode featuring Living With Yourself and Ghostbusters star Paul Rudd. More specifically, it sees the repurposing of a bit of conversation in which Rudd says to host Sean Evans "Look at us. Hey, look at us."

Though you can certainly see this for yourself in the virality-initiating tweet (and well-branded remix example below), Evans joins in with a "Who woulda thought?" prompting a quick "Not me" from Rudd:

In short, we've all had a "Look at us" moment, as well-documented in the assortment of ensuing memery sampled below:

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In related matters of Rudd, his new Netflix series Living With Yourself dropped last Friday and has garnered strong reviews. Rudd stars alongside Aisling Bea in the series, which chronicles how Rudd's character, Miles Elliot, deals with the arrival of a cloned version of himself.

Last week also saw a Rudd appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that notably included some wonderful non-answers about his role in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

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