'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Crew Reportedly Told to Avoid Eye Contact With Leonardo DiCaprio

Completely relatable.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, no doubt a better actor than most (if not all) who would scoff at alleged restrictive on-set policies, is said in a recent profile to have requested some of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywoodcrew to have refrained from engaging in the pesky task of eye contact.

At least, that's the word from "an on-set source" cited in The Hollywood Reporter's DiCaprio piece that ran Monday. The exact wording, which constitutes only a very brief part of the larger profile yet has absorbed the bulk of ensuing aggregated coverage, is as follows:

Off-camera, DiCaprio has maintained a carefully crafted air of mystery. Some crewmembers on Once Upon a Time were instructed to avoid making eye contact with him, according to an on-set source.

There's also a mention of DiCaprio understandably skipping Cannes events and things of that nature, all of which is argued here to contribute to his mystique. That same dedication to a certain distance from the more modern approach of stardom, as Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino says in the THR piece, is part of what makes the Django Unchained alum so appealing to so many different directors.  

"He kind of stands alone today, like Al Pacino or Robert De Niro were in the '70s, where they weren't trying to do two movies a year," Tarantino said of recently confirmed Euphoria fan DiCaprio.

Catch the full piece, which also includes some interesting bits on the $5-million-less-than-usual pay DiCaprio took to help get Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to the big screen, right here.

And in related news, don't even think about looking me in the eyes. Not ever.

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