#BabyHitler Is a Thing That Actually Happened Because Twitter Is Drunk and Needs to Go Home

No chill.

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Adolf Hitler is not funny. Baby Hitler is still not very funny, but is slightly less "not funny" than the adult version. Pondering whether or not you would kill baby Hitler if given the time-traveling chance? @NYTMag had Twitter tripping over itself to deliver the best response to their "Would you kill Baby Hitler?" poll, with the results ranging quite predictably from pretty disappointing to acutely disturbing. Like anything worth your time on Twitter, it all started with confusion:

As always, we then have our straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense approach:

Contrasting nicely with the bizarrely calm, almost unsettling method:

Or, as only the year 2015 could deliver, the wonderfully nonsensical and/or patently deranged:

Just as suddenly as it arrived, #BabyHitler vanished into the mysterious heavens of inane digital ramblings of yesteryear, only to (probably) eventually be revived and ruined by Ryan Seacrest.

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