Watch the New 'Charlie's Angels' Trailer Starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska

Elizabeth Banks wrote and directed the new take on the franchise, which arrives next month.

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The new take on Charlie’s Angels, written and directed by Elizabeth Banks, has unloaded a second trailer ahead of its November release via Sony.

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska lead the cast for the 2019 update of the popular action franchise. 

Though widely referred to as a reboot during development (and even currently), the film is technically a continuation of both the original TV series of the same name and the early '00s movies helmed by music video director McG.

Per comments Banks gave to Colliderover the summer, this Charlie’s Angels was built with a particular “mantra” in mind.

"We had a mantra which was we are going to fight smarter, not harder," she explained. "That was how we approached most of the action sequences in the movie." 

Speaking on the film's connections to previous takes on the franchise, Banks teased that fans can expect "a lot of easter eggs" in her movie.

"I just love the idea that Charlie’s Angels has always been about a group and not about a singular hero," she said of her personal attraction to taking on the project. "I think that women collaborate. It’s a natural thing that women do anyway. We naturally collaborate, we naturally like to work together. We need each other. We recognize that. We like the support."

Charlie's Angels is out Nov. 15. Thursday night, Ariana Grande unveiled the tracklist for the collab-stacked soundtrack.

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