New 'Black Widow' Teaser Gives Fans a Closer Look at Taskmaster

'Black Widow,' featuring two 2020 Oscars nominees, is out in May.

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Taskmaster pops up for some fight-related happenings in a new glimpse at this May's Black Widow movie.

The mercenary makes a movements-mirroring appearance near the end of a new 90-second "special look" video, with Verge noting that this footage should be familiar to anyone who was in attendance for the D23 convention last year.

The design for this take on the character, who first appeared in The Avengers#195, was teased last July via some concept art from Andy Park. This was followed months later by a brief glimpse at Taskmaster in an early Black Widow trailer, with some fans expressing frustration at the character's look and overall vibe. With this latest clip promising a showdown between Taskmaster and Scarlett Johansson's title character, however, fans seem to have returned to a state of stokedness.

Director Cate Shortland, who last helmed Berlin Syndrome back in 2017, previously explained her attraction to the story of Black Widow and how that helped shape her approach to the source material.

"She’s got so many secrets, she’s got so much vulnerability and I think that’s what makes her such a great heroine," Shortland said last summer, perCollider. "In this film we get to understand her past and put the pieces of herself together and come out a whole person."

The movie arrives May 1 and currently boasts the unique brag of having two of its stars, Johansson and Florence Pugh, among this year's Oscar nominees. Johansson was nominated for her work in Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit, while Pugh received a well-deserved nomination for Little Women. She also deserves all the Oscars in all the world for Midsommar, a masterpiece the Academy wholly ignored.

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