Adam Sandler Continues His Quest to Make "Comedy" for Dummies in First 'Ridiculous 6' Trailer

Is Sandler on a quest to make the worst movie of all time?

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Adam Sandler thinks you're stupid. Why wouldn't he? Dude is resting pretty atop a mountain of money after a career spent delivering preposterously awful 90-minute flashes of comedic incompetence akin to that guy in your high school anatomy class who always thought it was fucking hilarious when the teacher said words like penis or vagina. Adam Sandler is the big-screen manifestation of that most broish of bros, the guy who always kind of reminds you of a particularly violent bowel movement and behaves accordingly.

Ridiculous 6, with its humble beginnings as a racist screenplay almost entirely reliant on Native American stereotypes, is practically stacked with the usual Sandler crimes, though funneled through the Netflix format for a particularly bleak hint at the future of American comedy depression to come.

Of course, the worst part about all of this is the fact that, if Sandler's turn in Judd Apatow's Funny People is any indication, dude is very much aware of the fact that his entire career revolves around shoveling antiquated attempts at lowest-common-denominator humor into the starving mouths of ill-informed moviegoers, each clamoring to see the next Adam Sandler movie so they can completely turn off their brains, hearts, minds, and bullshit-o-meter for 90 minutes. His status as comedy's proverbial snake oil salesmen remains unchallenged because, quite frankly, his assumption that everyone is stupid is most often proven correct.

Ridiculous 6 comes out eventually. Maybe don't see it?

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