Neil deGrasse Tyson Bravely Tackles the Millennium Falcon vs. Starship Enterprise Debate

Science wins.

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If you're a normal human being with interstellar desires, then you've likely wagered your fair share of bets regarding which sleek space vehicle from two competing franchises with the word "star" in the title is the definitive mode of transportation for galactic exploration. Does the distinction go to Star Wars' rebelliously designed but ultimately quite capable Millennium Falcon or to Star Trek's ingeniously operated and meticulously decorated Starship Enterprise?

As we are but common people, this is not really a debate for us. Thankfully, resident badass of science Neil deGrasse Tyson has finally settled this decades-strong argument with the answer that all shall honor from this point forward. No spoilers here, but our guy Neil succinctly refers to one as "fake fake" and the other as "fake real," so replace your bets accordingly.

Also, as Neil is ever the master of internet immortality, this happens:

That's definitely the face you make when you realize, once again, that science really is the best thing ever.

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