Aziz Ansari Confirms 'Master of None' Will Return for a Second (Presumably Great) Season

Good call, Netflix.

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In what is certainly some of the best news you'll hear all week year, Aziz Ansari has revealed that Master of None will make its glorious return to your Netflix queue in 2017:

Of course, if you're simply not into really great television, then the confirmation of a great TV show's second season may strike you as a horrendous development. However, as recently as last month, some remained skeptical of the show's seemingly inevitable return when a renewal announcement didn't take place during the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. Ansari's announcement confirms that, thanks to quality-minded platforms like Netflix, sometimes great television is actually treated with respect.

"I need some time to refill my head," Ansari told the Hollywood Reporter in January when pressed about a renewal confirmation. "The first season was so personal and I want to make sure that what ever we do for season two lives up to what we did for season one. We'd love to do it. We're figuring it out." Ansari, who used the brief TV moment to deliver an amazing visual gag, earned a Best Actor nomination at this year's Golden Globes for his Master of None role as Dev Shah, Go-Gurt enthusiast.

Coincidentally, "figuring it out" is exactly what Master of None is all about.

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