What If Kylie Jenner Releases One of The Best Songs of 2015?

What if this rumored Kylie Jenner song is actually kind of great?

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Though no official confirmation or denial has surfaced, the past 24 hours have been riddled with rumors of Kylie Jenner maybe releasing what would be her debut single on March 30th. The track, reportedly titled "Forever Real," also features Tyga and Iggy Azalea. Now, as Americans, we are trained to meet such news with well-practiced cynicism and an eye for acute failure. But nationalism is boring, and cynicism long ago relinquished the throne to a Tumblr-ready version of New Sincerity. With that in mind, let me be the first to say that this rumored Kylie Jenner song might actually be good.

If you're assuming that most of my evidence for the unheard song's goodness is based mostly on how often someone wears a Yeezus shirt on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, well — you're not totally wrong. But I'm also talking about young influence. I'm also talking about the Jaden Smith effect. I'm also talking about how unfair it is to criticize someone for simply trying something new. I mean, who else at 17 could potentially inspire people twice her age to rethink their entire wardrobe with just one Instagram post? Who else could redefine what it means to be a well-to-do American teenager in the era of class-leveling accessibility?

Further proof is in the title itself, "Forever Real." What is real, you ask? Does anyone even remotely affiliated with E! Entertainment Television have the right to define the concept of reality in such terms? Absolutely. 

The existential part of me hopes that "Forever Real" will somehow toy with the increasingly interchangeable identities we all project, but that doesn't even matter.

"Real" is subjective, and no one knows that more than Kylie Jenner.


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