Khloé Kardashian Gets Real About Foot Jobs While Ranking Sex Fetishes

No love for the furries out there.

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Khloé Kardashian isn't down with the furries. In a fresh post via her game-changing app, Khloé rated and ranked five different sex fetishes on a scale of 1 (fair game) to 10 (fuck no) and provided her own studious commentary on the likely pros and cons of each. "There's no shame in having your preferences in bed," Khloé wrote before delivering the bad news for all the furries out there hoping for a celebrity co-sign. "Some fetishes just don't match up with the things that get me going!"

According to the Kocktails with Khloé host, the furry life just doesn't cut it. "Some people like getting dressed up as animals when they have sex," Khloé writes. "Just not my thing." Ultimately, the furry world of furries landed a 10, a.k.a. a firm "Fuck no." Adult babies and sitophilia (orgasmic food) fared just as poorly in Khloé's definitive analysis, though she does admit the occasional "whipped cream moment" is totally cool.

Though no fetish in this sample group earned a perfect rating, Khloé was much kinder on the relatively complementary practices of sadism and foot worship. "If the guy I was dating had a foot fetish, I think I could deal," Khloé reveals of the fetish in which she's most likely to consider partaking. "I guess it depends, though. I don't mind if someone thinks I have pretty feet or wants to massage my feet." Ultimately rating the potential experience a commendable 3, Khloé says she couldn’t give the full co-sign due to the general "What the hell?" aspect of foot jobs. Peep the full breakdown here.

Sorry furries. Today is not your day.

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