Keith Lee Blasts Scammers Using His Name to Get Money From Indianapolis Restaurants Ahead of All-Star Weekend

Scammy scammers keep scamming. But not on Keith Lee's watch.


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Keith Lee is aware of the scammers trying to cheat restaurants out of money using his name.

"I would rather not make this video, but it’s come to my attention that people are scamming on my behalf, and I don’t want nobody falling victim to it," Lee said in an update shared to TikTok on Thursday.

Lee then explained that his plans to take a trip to Indianapolis for NBA All-Star festivities had been leaked, spurring certain scammers to start targeting local restaurants.

"Apparently, food influencers that live in Indianapolis are going around to restaurants and charging these restaurants a fee and guaranteeing them that we’re coming and we gon’ try the food and there’s gon be a line out the door," he said. "That’s not true. We going to Indianapolis for the game and the game only."

To drive the point home, Lee made certain his followers know that he will never “charge small restaurants for anything,” adding that certain scammers in the Indianapolis area have allegedly been trying to get restaurants to pay out up to $20,000 under false pretenses.

“I’m not charging those restaurants anything, and if anybody has ever told you anything differently, they lying,” he said. “They not with me. Cap. A lie. It’s not to be trusted. Get ‘em out of here.”

Scammers are everywhere in the social media age, including on Instagram where they try to trick young artists into thinking they're talking to Complex writers. Don't get got.

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