John Oliver Astutely Compares Republicans' Obamacare Plans to Your Dad's A** in a Thong

John Oliver isn't buying any of this nonsense Republicans are spewing about repeal and replace.

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Holy shit. Did you see what happened on the biggest TV broadcast event of the year last night? No, not that one. The other one: Last Week Tonight. John Oliver, just a few episodes deep into a new season, spent 19 delicious minutes giving a detailed diagnosis of Republicans' apparent tendency toward allergic reaction in the face of a logical healthcare plan.

"The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, or in emails from your uncle as FWD: FWD: FWD: Obamacare: The Communist Takeover of American Values," Oliver said at the top of a segment on Republicans' vague promises of repealing and replacing Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. "For years now, Obamacare has been the bane of Republicans' existence."

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After rocking a clip of various Republican leaders characterizing the ACA as the "worst piece of legislation ever," Oliver explained the preposterousness of such a statement. "Good news, Fugitive Slave Act," he said. "You're finally off the hook!" Well-earned ribbings aside, the stakes are now higher than ever. With Republicans in control, talk of repealing the ACA and possibly kicking millions off their coverage has gone from mere chatter to potential action.

But Republicans now face what is, to them at least, an unexpected hurdle: Lots of people want the ACA to remain in place. Some of these supporters, Oliver noted, were initially terrified of the ACA thanks to Republican-led talking points such as nonexistent death panels. "More than 20 million people gained coverage, putting our uninsured rate at a historic low," Oliver said.

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As for that promise of a replacement plan, Oliver isn't buying it. Their various proposals, thus far, have more in common with a thong atop your father's ass. And much like any Republican-proposed ACA alternative, that thong doesn't actually cover a goddamn thing. Thankfully, Oliver offered a message of encouragement to Republicans scrambling to increase the size of this metaphorical thong. "Tick tock, motherfuckers!" he said.

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