Joe Exotic Is a Fan of Machine Gun Kelly’s New Ink: 'A Tiger and a Little Bit of Meth I Can Make MGK Gay'

The 'Tiger King' star is still fighting his sentence after being convicted in a murder-for-hire and Endangered Species Act case.

Joe posing with a tiger on the left; MGK in sunglasses on the right at an event
Images via Netflix & Getty/Amy Sussman
Joe posing with a tiger on the left; MGK in sunglasses on the right at an event

Joe Exotic wants the world to know that he believes he can “make MGK gay” using the combined powers of a tiger and an undisclosed amount of meth.

The public remarks from the Tiger King star came after MGK took to social media to give fans a look at his alleged new ink. "For spiritual purposes only," the "Don't Let Me Go" artist said when showing off what appears to be extensive new tattoo work.

Over on Twitter, a site I am still adamantly refusing to call X, Exotic's verified account asked its nearly 69,000 followers if they recalled "that line from Tiger King" when sharing a photo of MGK with his dramatic ink.

"A tiger and a little bit of meth I can make MGK gay," Exotic captioned the photo.

Person posing for a photoshoot with tiger-themed body art, text references a joke about turning someone gay using meth and a tiger

In a swift follow-up, Exotic tucked in a mention of Megan Fox (referred to here as, simply, "the Fox") and also asked for MGK's help in securing his freedom.

"Help me get the hell out of here," Exotic, who at one point was expecting a pardon during the final days of Trump's time as POTUS, wrote.

Graphic with Joe Exotic promoting his plea for freedom with the hashtag #FreeJoeExotic

Apparently, Exotic's commentary wasn't relegated to Twitter alone. On Instagram, where Exotic appears to have since deactivated his account, he again proposed a tiger and meth pairing, like so:

Thinking about this comment Joe Exotic left on Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram

— carriebradwh0re (@carriebradwh0re) February 21, 2024

In January 2020, Exotic was sentenced to 22 years behind bars following an Endangered Species Act and murder-for-hire conviction. A resentencing two years later saw that number adjusted to 21.

"The self-described Tiger King was not above the law," Robert J. Troester, then serving as First Assistant U.S. Attorney, told the press upon Exotic's conviction in 2019. "Rather, the jury only needed a few hours of deliberation before finding him guilty of engaging in a murder-for-hire plot to kill a rival and violating federal laws intended to protect wildlife when he killed multiple tigers, sold tiger cubs, and falsified wildlife records."

MGK, meanwhile, is fresh off the rollout of the aforementioned "Don't Let Me Go" track, which sees him rapping about a wide range of deeply personal topics, including his tattoos:

Just like I wish they would understand me one time
I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line
Everything's just fine

See the Sam Cahill-directed video for the track below.

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