Jamie Foxx Shares Emotional Moment With Father of Man He Saved From a Burning Car: "No Heroes, Just Happy Fathers"

Foxx helped rescue the man's son from a burning car earlier this week.

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"I don’t look at it as heroic," Jamie Foxx told reporters after saving a man from a burning car following a violent crash right outside his Hidden Valley home earlier this week. "I just look at it as, you know, you just had to do something." According to that man's father, Foxx is the reason he's still alive today. "[Foxx] was here for my son," Brad Kyle told KABC after an emotional meeting with Foxx. "As far as I'm concerned, he saved his life."

As captured on Foxx's Instagram, the two fathers shared a loving embrace just hours after the nearly fatal wreck. "This is all that matters," Foxx wrote. "No heroes. Just happy fathers."

As previously reported, 32-year-old Brett Kyle was arrested at the scene for driving under the influence of alcohol and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Kyle punctured a lung and broke his collarbone during the crash, which reportedly occurred when he drove into a drainage pipe and flipped his Toyota Tacoma multiple times before getting trapped inside the wreckage. "It doesn't matter to me who it was or what they do for a living," said Kyle's father. "Just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than I could fathom."

The crash remains under investigation.

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