'The Wire' Creator David Simon Enlists James Franco for New Porn Drama 'The Deuce' on HBO

The series is set in the dark and HBO-ready world of 1970s late-night activities.

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James Franco, multihyphenate extraordinaire, is clearly plotting some sort of multi-tiered attack on every facet of the TV industry. Already very much onboard the forthcoming Hulu original series 11/22/63 from writer Stephen King and producer J.J. Abrams, Franco is now confirmed for the new HBO series from The Wire creator David Simon. Entitled The Deuce, the series reportedly explores the thriving porn industry of Times Square during the 1970s and 1980s.

The pilot order is part of an overall extension of the lucrative and prolific collaboration between Simon and HBO, a deal which also includes an order for Simon's series with journalist Carl Bernstein centered on the intricacies of Capitol Hill. In addition to his groundbreaking work on The Wire, Simon is known for his other HBO series Treme and the forthcoming Show Me a Hero.

Franco's other notable turns on television, though vastly different in tone and intention, are widely considered to be pretty fucking great. Yes, I'm even bestowing the effusively praiseful adjective "great" onto Franco's run as "Franco" on General Hospital, an active low-key genius so in-your-face you almost didn't notice it. Anyway, in what sick world would you have to live for the equation "The Wire + James Franco = HBO" not to bring you profound joy?


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