IMAX Accidentally Posts Hilarious 'Mummy' Trailer With Screwed-Up Audio

IMAX hit us with an early holiday gift by accidentally uploading a botched 'Mummy' trailer with a ton of audio missing.

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Thank you IMAX. Thank you for this treasure. The official IMAX YouTube channel uploaded a seemingly by-the-numbers trailer for that Tom Cruise-y Mummy reboot earlier this month, with one noticeable upgrade: Significant portions of the audio tracks were totally missing. As first spotted by the Independent, the botched upload promptly resulted in hilarity on a profound scale.

With huge chunks of sound effects missing, this new take on the Mummy-verse amounts to little more than somber shots of Cruise and a series of grunts and screams. The best part? According to the Independent, this shit stayed live on the IMAX YouTube channel FOR MORE THAN SIX DAYS before anyone bothered to peep the audio and quickly remove it.

As expected, people are now flexing their respective genius muscles by adding their own audio to the clip. In a fitting move of artistic bravery, this experiment in soundtracking has already resulted in at least one instance of Smash Mouth's 1999 opus "All Star."

Fucking beautiful. Anyway, the actual movie with actual audio actually included hits theaters June 9, 2017. In addition to messianic Cruise, The Mummy stars Sofia Boutella and The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story's Courtney B. Vance. If anyone over at Universal is reading this, please consider making the full movie just as hilarious as this shit.

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