Hillary Clinton Says She "Might" Watch Donald Trump Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Then again, maybe a really good 'Seinfeld' rerun will be on.

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Are we in the golden age of television? It's a question you've probably heard proposed so many different times that you've now become numb to the inquiry at the heart of such a question: Is TV toogood right now? Though Mad Men (RIP) left us bewildered earlier this year, we still have The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, old episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, whatever the hell C-SPAN happens to be covering, actual static, and Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Livethis weekend.

Here to help with the week-long debate of "watch or nah," Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made a quick stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to not only proclaim that she could easily destroy her husband Bill in a head-to-head election, but also to offer some insight on that time she went to Donald Trump's wedding and whether she planned to catch Trump's 30 Rock stint.

"That I might do, actually," Hillary said when asked by Jimmy about her SNL viewing plans. "I think he watched me." Referencing that surely interesting wedding, Hillary admitted her attendance but implied that Trump probably wasn't so annoying when he wasn't, you know, actually running for president. "He's not the only one," added Clinton. "When I'm not running for something, Republicans actually say nice things about the job I do."

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