Let's pause the separate but loosely related hoopla surrounding Donald Trump's most recent Nazi-related tweet and Ben Carson's successful attempt at launching the greatest struggle rap ad campaign of all time, focusing instead on Hillary Clinton's recent assertion that she would destroy her husband Bill in an obviously theoretical head-to-head election. Hillary Chillary stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss all things 2016, including but not limited to what exactly to do with this Bill fellow should a White House victory come their way.

"He would run again," Hillary revealed during the interview. "I don't want you to tell anybody that. [But] if he could, he would." When the prospect of a head-to-head battle with the storied Bill was proposed, Hillary expressed a surefire victory with confidence. As for Jimmy? He's mainly concerned with what exactly the nation will call former president and confirmed House of Cards fan Bill Clinton if he makes it back to 1600 Penn.

"First dude. First mate. First gentleman," Clinton joked. "I am just not sure about it."