Harrison Ford Uses a Han Solo Action Figure to Explain His 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' On-Set Injury

"I got paid," Ford tells Fallon of the experience of returning to the 'Star Wars' universe.

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With Star Wars: The Force Awakens now just weeks away, the trembling fear buried deep in the hearts of practically any other movie that dares debut during the month of December is quelled only by one seemingly unanimous observation: at least the movie looks pretty damn good. Following his Chewbacca-aided and hot dog-assisted appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Harrison Ford stopped by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to (among other things) destroy a Han Solo action figure while flexing his censorship muscles:

When Fallon unveiled the presumably expensive Han action figure, Harrison quickly proceeded to demonstrate the highly publicized leg injury he sustained on the Force Awakens set. "Why did I come here?" Ford eventually asked to no one in particular, though the answer was quickly made quite clear by this little exchange:

Fallon: "Did you get emotional when you put the [Han Solo] wardrobe on?"


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