'Ghostbusters' Reboot Reportedly Taking $70 Million Loss, Putting Sequel in Jeopardy

Paul Feig's 'Ghostbusters' was a hit with critics, but its likely $70 million loss has the sequel in jeopardy.

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Is Sony having second thoughts about Ghostbusters 2? Shortly after the release of Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot last month, Sony spoke confidently of its plans for a sequel. Though Feig's film didn't quite open at the top of the box office, its $46 million domestic haul was strong enough to earn a commendable second place finish behind The Secret Life of Pets. The reviews, after all the trolls cooled off with the sabotage, were strong. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the film's box office performance may not be enough to keep plans for a sequel in motion.

As of this week, Ghostbusters has earned roughly $117 million here in the U.S. for a total global haul of just under $180 million. Though the film still has openings coming up in France, Mexico, and a few other markets, THR's box office experts say a "break-even" figure for the film would be $300 million. As it stands, Ghostbusters is reportedly set for a loss of "$70 million-plus." In addition to an undisclosed but reportedly large marketing budget, the film cost $144 million to produce.

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So what does this mean for the studio's plans of reviving the Ghostbusters franchise for new generations? Sony hasn't issued any official plans just yet, but THRcites a Sony rep that claims the current focus is on an animated TV series entitled Ghostbusters: Ecto Force and an animated feature film. The series is slated for an early 2018 premiere, while the animated movie is shooting for a 2019 theatrical release. 

Another Sony rep tells THR that the current box office loss calculations are "way off," adding that additional revenue streams should help offset the money spent producing and promoting the film. "[Feig's film] has enlivened a 30-year-old brand and put it into the modern zeitgeist," the rep said. "As a result, we have many ideas in the works to further exploit the Ghostbusters universe."

Given that Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig all reportedly signed on for a potential sequel when finalizing deals, their involvement with plans for an animated feature and TV series isn't exactly a long shot. Personally, I found Feig's reboot to be a vibrant update on the charm of the original 1984 classic and the fact that it wasn't a runaway box office success is indeed a bummer. But, you know, enjoy Suicide Squad or whatever.

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