See The 'Ghostbusters' Cast in Full Uniform For The Very First Time

Here's another (closer) look at the new 'Ghostbusters,' featuring Kristen Wiig and company in full GB regalia.

You should ignore the minimal (though oddly consistent) Twitterati backlash generally hurled at the cast and crew of the forthcomingGhostbusters reboot upon news of this sort. In short, those spineless detractors are wrong — the third proper entry in the reawakened franchise looks promising if not downright essential.

Our latest peek behind the Paul Feig-sized curtain gives us our first look at the main cast — Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon — in full Ghostbusters regalia. The image is a nice reminder of just how undeniably cool (for lack of a better word) the Ghostbusters universe once was — and how cool it can be again.

In a recent Periscope-conducted MTV interview at San Diego Comic-Con, former buster of ghosts Bill Murray once again expressed his full support for the new incarnation. "They should have done this a long time ago," says Murray, referencing Feig's decision to reboot with an all female cast. Agreed! In case you missed it, take a look at the new Ecto-1 and the crew's fresh proton packs.

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