The hype for the forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot has increased significantly with each generous revelation from director Paul Feig's Twitter. Having successfully mastered the art of inventing Ghostbusters-themed hashtags (most of them a play on Ray Parker Jr.'s theme song from the original 1984 film), Feig has — over the span of a few weeks — unveiled the new uniforms, new proton packs, and now the new Ecto-1.

Paired with the decidedly Feig-esque hashtag #whattheygonnadrive, the director shared the early glimpse on Tuesday night — promptly sending the Twitterati into a tailspin. A cursory scroll through the responses reveals a pretty scattered divide among fans old and new, meaning Feig's Ghostbusters entry will most likely absolutely nail it. One user's response (a question without a question mark, no less) warranted an additional photo from Feig:

As previously reported, Omar from The Wire, Cecily Strong, and Andy Garcia recently joined the already stacked cast. In my admittedly not humble opinion, this Ghostbusters reboot might very well slay — thus protecting its largely untouchable legacy.