Everything You Need to Know About the 'Fallout 4' Expansion 'Far Harbor' Before Copping

Is the latest ‘Fallout 4’ expansion 'Far Harbor' worth the dough?

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Fallout 4 has been slaying Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devotees since its release last November, combining the narrative-centered gameplay of New Vegas and Fallout 3 for a proper 2015 update to the blockbuster Bethesda franchise. But what about the latest DLC add-on, Far Harbor? Is it worth the hype and (more importantly) the money?

According to the they-would-definitely-know minds over at Gameranx, the answer is a definite HELL YES. Despite the highlights (that robot builder!) of previous DLC Automatron, the vast new world offered by Far Harbor just might make it the most exciting update to the post-apocalyptic instaclassic yet.

Far Harbor offers more of the nuanced storytelling that some Fallout faithfuls have argued was somewhat lacking in Fallout 4, putting those strengths to good use with help from noted private detective Nick Valentine. If that's not enough for you, Far Harbor also offers plenty of radioactive fog and a sleek, industrial aesthetic that only heightens the radically different locale.

For those hoping to squeeze in a little Minecraft-esque building block action into their Fallout experience, the Far Harbor DLC has you covered. The puzzle section of Far Harbor, crucial in the narrative of this latest add-on, provides players with a brief respite from the chaos of what lies outside without sacrificing the story.

In response to some players' claims of minor (but noticeable) performance issues with the Far Harbor add-on, Bethesda took to their official forum to ensure fans that any such issues were currently being addressed. "We made optimizations based on the Far Harbor beta feedback, but understand some people are experiencing issues," a spokesperson wrote Saturday. "We are actively working on more improvements."

So cop or nah? Sounds like a cop to us.

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